Sandra Battle


I was born and raised in St. Mary’s County, Maryland where I am surrounded, on three sides, by water and am still in awe of the beauty around me.  

I enjoy photography, music, and gardening. My love of photography began about 30 years ago with the purchase of my first camera, an Olympus 35mm. I eventually wandered into processing my own film and set up a darkroom. I realized my true love was in taking the photos not the processing. As I took photographs I began to “see” my surroundings differently.  I was now seeing and focusing on scenes I had not paid much attention to before. I took a hiatus from photography, but continued to see life through a "photographer’s eye."

As time passed, I found myself looking for a creative outlet and decided to rekindle my passion for photography. This time it was through digital photography, so I purchased my first digital camera and the world came alive around me. What a perfect vehicle for self-expression!

I continually find myself wandering the back roads, crawling through gardens, and walking the shorelines looking for that one image that so many have enjoyed. I am very proud to have my photographs displayed in offices and homes.

Please visit “My Portfolio” to see some of my favorite images.

If you have any questions about my work please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by clicking on the “Say Hello!” link above.  

Also, I'd love to know which of my photos is your favorite. To have your favorite photo included in our new "Fan Favorites" gallery click here and be sure to include the gallery name the photo resides in and the photo name or number in your email message.

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